Wrought Iron Curtain Pole

Size Guide
We will cut the pole to a specific length for you. Just select the pole length that is the same or longer than the length you require and enter the precise length in the box provided. If you want to use this with a recess bracket allow 0.75cm per bracket to allow you to slide the pole into the bracket. Also remember that a Disc finial takes up 1cm of pole and other finials 2.5cm each. It may be easier to contact us for a quote for your project. 

Poles over 260cm long will be supplied with a spigot joint in the centre of the pole. This will need a supporting bracket (a standard horizontal bracket usually). If you would rather use a joiner and intermediate bracket (as shown in the main image) just order 2 shorter lengths, the joiner and the bracket.

The pole is treated with a specialised industrial wax with a much higher melting point than beeswax. The images show a 20mm pole. 16mm poles over 300cm and 20mm poles over 340cm need intermediate brackets with passing rings. These are best ordered over the phone or by email.