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Wrought Iron Sleeve Bracket

Size Guide
  • Sleeve brackets are an alternative to vertical or horizontal brackets for supporting the ends of a pole. They slide along the pole and are secured with 1 grub screw. These are useful if fitting a pole tight to a ceiling, or where a pole with intermediate brackets is fitted to a batten and all bracket back plates need to be at the same level. The image shows the 20mm bracket.

    We offer a choice of fixings: traditional coach screws with standard wall plugs - these are fitted with a spanner; or Gripit® fixings for plasterboard with countersunk screws. Please remember to add a Gripit® 18mm flat drill bit or a spanner from Accessories, if you need these. We also sell a Gripit® undercutting tool, for use where your plasterboard is tight against a lintel or other hard surface.
  • We offer a wide range of brackets and can also make up bespoke brackets. If you need something different, please contact us.
  • This product contains: 1 bracket with 1 grub screw, 1 allen key per order and either coach screws and standard wall plugs, or Gripit® fixings and countersunk slotted screws.