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Oak and Wrought Iron Bay Window Pole with Scroll Finials

  • Solid oak curtain poles oiled to highlight the natural beauty of the grain. 2.54cm diameter. Top-grade with FSC™ and PEFC chain of custody certification, to comply to the highest environmental standards. Poles can also be supplied unfinished for your own treatment. Oak combines well with wrought iron in period properties. Fittings are hand made in Devon by hot forging black mild steel to produce fine quality finials, elegant scrolls, brackets with hammered back plates and hand twisted rings, finished with wax to protect & enhance the natural colour of the steel. Supplied made to measure & ready to fit.
    Working from a simple set of measurements, Daryl marks out the shape of your bay, allows room for the bracket projection and bends the pole to fit this shape. We need wall measurements for the whole bay taken at the height the pole will be fitted. We use diagonal measurements to calculate the angles, so make sure that you take the diagonal measurement to the same point in the corner that was used for the wall measurements. Before you order please download our MEASURING GUIDE. If your pole does not match the options provided on-line, please contact us for a quote.
  • Our passing ring systems allow you to have as many brackets as you need to support the bends, while still allowing you to pull one pair of curtains around the bay. Daryl invented this system whilst he was supplying bespoke curtain poles to the John Lewis Partnership in 2006. Before this most bay window curtain poles had more than one pair of curtains, as the curtains could not be pulled past the brackets that supported the bends in the pole. Daryl's system allows the rings to pass supporting brackets. One reason why the system works so well is because the passing brackets have a peg that fits into a hole drilled on the underside of the solid pole. This is used with a C shaped ring. Other systems have tried to imitate this, but they usually use snap-on brackets that may catch the rings.
  • Please see this product contents chart for details of individual products. All poles are supplied with screws, standard wall plugs, an allen key & fitting instructions.