Drapery Arms

A drapery arm is a curtain pole held on one side by a bracket that allows the pole to pivot. Often used in doorways to reduce draughts. They are also referred to as portieres.

Drapery arms provide a smart solution for curtain panels, door curtains and dormer windows. They can also be used to hold decorative curtain panels to separate part of a room.

Our drapery arms are much stronger than most. Made to measure from solid wrought iron or sturdy stainless steel tube, they are able to take the weight of a typical door curtain. Our range of brackets allow fixing in a variety of ways. Brackets can also be adjusted to suit your requirements.

Wrought iron drapery arm face fixed standard bracket

Stainless Steel Drapery Arm Face Fixed with Standard Bracket

Our standard drapery arm is suitable for fixing on the wall around the door (face fix) and on the wall running at right angles to door (side fix). The pictures above show drapery arms face fixed above a door recess. The dormer window fixings shown at the bottom of this page are side fixed. See our measuring guidelines for a diagram showing face fix and side fix.

Drapery arms are available in 200mm solid wrought iron and 25mm stainless steel.

Brackets for Recess Fixing

Daryl has designed a range of wall brackets to cater for different fixing positions. Sometimes there is no space above the door recess to fix an arm. The picture below shows an L-shaped wall bracket fitted inside a door recess.

Wrought iron drapery arm fitted in door recess with L-shaped bracket

Stainless Steel Drapery Arm fitted in a door recess with L-shaped bracket

An optional door bracket is available. This attaches the arm to the door, so it opens and closes with the door. The bracket can be made longer to reach a pole fitted above the recess.

Wrought iron drapery arm door bracket

Stainless Steel Drapery Arm Door Bracket

Dormer Windows

Drapery arms are also very useful to allow curtains to be hung in a dormer window. Here they are often used in a pair and swung back against the walls during the day. In this case you may choose to use fabric that looks attractive on the reverse, or line the curtain or panel with an attractive fabric.

Dormer windows usually have very little space above the window. An L-shaped wall bracket allows the arm to be fitted close to the ceiling. The stainless steel drapery arm shown below illustrates this.

An optional support bracket is available to support and hold the arm against the wall when it is not being used.

Drapery Arm Fitted Close to the Ceiling in a Dormer Window

L Shaped Drapery Arm Bracket Fitted in Dormer Window