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Bay Window Curtain Pole with Ball Finials

Bay Window Curtain Pole with Ball Finials

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Our sturdy, solid wrought iron curtain poles offer an elegant, made-to-measure solution. They are easy to order and straightforward to fit. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email. Daryl is happy to help.

Daryl led the industry in the design of bay window curtain poles. His passing ring system allows you to have as many brackets as you need to support the bends, while still allowing you to pull one pair of curtains around the bay. The curtains stack at the sides, increasing the light in the room and providing a simple, effective window dressing.

Daryl invented this system whilst he was supplying the John Lewis Partnership. His
passing brackets have a peg that fits into a hole drilled on the underside of the solid pole. Other systems often use snap-on brackets that may catch the rings. 

Poles with more than 1 bend are usually supplied in 2 pieces. All images show 20mm poles.

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