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20mm Solid Wrought Iron Drapery Arm with Standard Bracket

  • A drapery arm is a curtain pole held on one side by a bracket that allows the pole to pivot. Often used in doorways to reduce draughts, they are also referred to as portieres. Drapery arms provide a smart solution for curtain panels, door curtains and dormer windows.Our drapery arms are much stronger than most. Made to measure from solid 20mm wrought iron, they are able to take the weight of a typical door curtain. This drapery arm is suitable for fixing on the wall around the door (face fix) and on the wall running at right angles to door (side fix). The arm can also be fitted into a dormer - swing back the arm to allow maximum light in from the window.

    An optional door bracket attaches the arm to the door, so that it moves with the door as it opens and shuts. An optional wall support bracket can be used to support an arm that is swung back against the wall. Please order these accessories separately. 

    Please view our MEASURING GUIDE before ordering. 
  • We also make drapery arms with an L-shaped bracket, for fixing to a door frame, or in a dormer window where you need the arm close to a ceiling. As we make all the arms and fittings in the forge, we can change the size of the back plate to suit your requirements. Please see the additional information here and contact us for more information.
  • This product contains: 1 backplate to attach the arm to the wall, 1 drapery arm, 1 finial, your choice of screws & plugs (& spanner if coach screws are chosen), allen key & fitting instructions. Curtain rings and the bracket to attach the arm to the door are available as options. Additional rings can be ordered from the accessories collection. If you need less than 10 rings, please order the arm without rings and order the rings from accessories. A wall bracket to hold the arm against the wall when swung back is also available as an accessory.

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